Beckon is your new, modern, reliable and failsafe access control system!


Access control

Fastest onboarding

Beckon is the best fit for high scale environments such as clubs and organizations. We offer the fastest onboarding procedure for users. The smartphone becomes their new digital key.

Doors & Gates

Connect any gates or door lock systems in various configurations. Beckon is shipped pre-configured and we will coordinate the installation with your local electrician and/or locksmith.

Management portal

User management and much more is done in our cloud portal. Initial setup & training are fully covered in our setup fee. Our onboarding includes a scheduled video conference, in which we perform a live setup of your system.

Always connected

Devices have integrated cloud connectivity and are completely independent of your local infrastructure. Access is processed in real-time and super responsive. Magic is automatically applied when connectivity issues occur, because your Beckon was built to be failsafe.

Beckon at a glance...


Prior to entering zones important messages must be confirmed. Also, the COVID status must be confirmed by scanning the certificate, if enabled.

Person counter

The person capacity is being maintained automatically and prior to entering the user can see the amount of available slots.


Providers can send free push notifications or push newsletters to users via the app and review their reading confirmations.


Activation codes come by email or sms. Processes like for example pairing a new smartphone are fully automated.

Privacy protection

Beckon supports fully anonymous usage. In addition to that all data passed to Beckon remain completely in US-jurisdiction on Beckon-infrastructure.


Actions can be triggered by users only in immanent vicinity of Beckons. This protects from abuse and increases the security!


Access Control
  • Interactive API
  • Remote onboarding
  • Instant permissions
  • Real-time events
  • Request quote
Club Management
  • Management portal
  • Partner support
  • Memberships & contracts
  • Newsletters & messages
  • Homepage integration
  • User accounting
  • Request quote
  • Management API
  • On-premises installation
  • Emergency entrance support
  • Unlimited users
  • Request quote


  • WIFI Beckon
  • LTE Beckon
  • Hardware add-ons
  • Pre-activated devices
  • Installation partner
  • Remote hands
  • Live configuration
  • User onboarding
  • Full training


  • Ticket system
  • Email support
  • Available Mo-Fr 9-5
  • SLA same business day
  • Includes Support
  • Phone support
  • Available Mo-Fr 9-5
  • SLA 1 hour
  • Includes hotline
  • Proactive escalation
  • Available 24/7 x 365
  • SLA 15 minutes